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1222 1033d 12h werner / public SVN  
1221 1033d 12h werner /branches/ public SVN  
1220 1033d 12h werner /branches/version1.0/ Version 1.0  
1219 1033d 14h werner /trunk/ commit of iLand executables
Qt 5.6
iLand 1.0
1218 1033d 14h werner / clean up repository - make 1.0 trunk again!  
1217 1033d 14h werner / clean up repository - make 1.0 trunk again!  
1214 1033d 14h werner /branches/iland_regen/src/ fixed effect of waterlogging  
1213 1039d 11h werner /branches/iland_regen/src/ implementing the stand-wise snapshot feature (for the advanced dynamic initalization)  
1212 1039d 18h werner /branches/iland_regen/src/ iLand-caption in pro files  
1211 1039d 18h werner /branches/iland_regen/src/ added GPL headers for files that did not contain the header  
1210 1039d 19h werner /branches/iland_regen/ improve error message when Environment is not set up correctly.  
1208 1041d 12h werner /branches/iland_regen/src/ working on the Spin-up feature (some additions to ABE)  
1207 1042d 12h werner /branches/iland_regen/src/abe/ adding of "updateManagement" to rebuild a management program from an (updated) source; no documentation yet  
1204 1046d 18h werner /branches/iland_regen/src/ fixed some text strings (debug messages).  
1203 1063d 16h werner /branches/iland_regen/src/ added the missing "ActPlanting" functions for the "new" regeneration module.  
1202 1084d 12h werner /branches/iland_regen/src/ searching/fixing issues with carbon cycle: NEP as provided by carbonflow output (NPP-Rh-Mgmt) is different from NEP as derived by the delta of the carbon stocks.
As usual, very hard to track down these issues, but:
* bark beetle module: foliage loss from BB-trees now correctly routed to soil
* order of modules in model: switched disturbances and carbon cylcle (in order to correctly track all carbon changes due to disturbances)
* fixed a problem with the calculation of NPP: after disturbances stand level NPP was set to 0 (since statistics were recalculated after disturbaces, but NPP values are not available then). Introduced: StandStatistics::clearOnlyTrees()
* flow from branches to the atmosphere (decay of branches) now tracked correctly (changes the NEP calulation).
1200 1109d 12h werner /branches/iland_regen/src/apidoc/iLand/ JS doc  
1198 1152d 12h werner /branches/iland_regen/src/ api documentation...  
1197 1152d 18h werner /branches/iland_regen/src/ilandc/ trying to compile on valinor server  
1196 1154d 11h werner /branches/iland_regen/src/ StandGPP debug output (instead of the missing StandNPP) output  

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