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1222 1033d 12h werner / public SVN  
1221 1033d 12h werner /branches/ public SVN  
1220 1033d 13h werner /branches/version1.0/ Version 1.0  
1219 1033d 14h werner /trunk/ commit of iLand executables
Qt 5.6
iLand 1.0
1218 1033d 15h werner / clean up repository - make 1.0 trunk again!  
1217 1033d 15h werner / clean up repository - make 1.0 trunk again!  
1104 1321d 19h werner /branches/iland_regen/ Branch dedicated to playing around with establishment/regeneration.
Goals are:
(i) speed up
(ii) introduction of new features for Yellowstone
840 2133d 16h werner /branches/port_qt5_64bit/executable/ ... last batch of files...  
839 2133d 16h werner /branches/port_qt5_64bit/executable/ added required DLLs and other files (qt 5.1)  
838 2133d 16h werner /branches/port_qt5_64bit/ new executable with required Qt 5.1 files. version 0.8.6.  
802 2172d 20h werner /branches/port_qt5_64bit/ merge from trunk up to revision 801  
779 2305d 14h werner /branches/port_qt5_64bit/  
773 2398d 19h werner /trunk/ fresh compile (Qt 4.8.3), removed debug symbols from executables, included recompiled fonstudio.  
763 2497d 16h werner /trunk/ Build for Qt 4.8.3 - new executables and DLLs  
743 2706d 21h werner /trunk/ new version 0.8.2
includes topo modifier for wind module on 10m grid.
737 2718d 16h werner /trunk/ version 0.8.1
this is a bugfix release.
724 2774d 15h werner /trunk/ first version of the iland wind module (0.8.0).  
710 2826d 16h werner /trunk/ new exe version.
includes limitation to 1 fire/year and fixes to ESRI ASCII grid exports.
704 2840d 11h werner /trunk/ Speed-Patch!
fixing the missing "&" in the const Grid<float> seedMap() const { return mSeedMap; } ///< access to the seedMap
function. This dramatically improves the performance of the model. Lots of time was lost in duplicating the seedmaps for each species * resourceunit.
in addition: limited max-size of the logging QPlainTextEdit; this could maybe stop iLand from crashing....
700 2844d 13h werner /trunk/ new exe.
minor fixes for the fire module, improved snapshots, etc.

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