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1222 1033d 12h werner / public SVN  
1221 1033d 12h werner /branches/ public SVN  
1220 1033d 12h werner /branches/version1.0/ Version 1.0  
1218 1033d 14h werner / clean up repository - make 1.0 trunk again!  
1217 1033d 14h werner / clean up repository - make 1.0 trunk again!  
1104 1321d 19h werner /branches/iland_regen/ Branch dedicated to playing around with establishment/regeneration.
Goals are:
(i) speed up
(ii) introduction of new features for Yellowstone
1095 1346d 12h werner /branches/port_qt5_64bit/ Adding basic C++ level documentation for ABE classes.  
779 2305d 14h werner /branches/port_qt5_64bit/  
699 2844d 13h werner /trunk/ standloader now can also initialize from vegetation snapshot databases;
fire-module: fire extinction probability works only after reaching the minimum fire size parameter.
698 2845d 09h werner /trunk/ more documentation fixes.
Including some nicer styling for the doxygen documentation (larger fonts, more line spacing, iLand logos).
697 2845d 11h werner /trunk/ Doxygen documentation revisited.
After re-establishing doxygen documentation (last update: 2009) a lot of smaller/medium documentation fixes.
Documentation is something that could definitely be always improved ;)